Kit worzel, Futurist

Kit Worzel is a dynamic young futurist with a focus on science and technology. His experience in the field, both at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University of Guelph have given him strong insight into trends in science, and being a favored guest on InnerSpace on the Space network keeps him sharp and on top of his game. His unique view on the future and relaxed style fit in well regardless of the occasion, and result in an event you’ll not soon forget.

Kit’s keen insight and holistic view of the future combine to give a bigger picture of the future, one influenced not by a single factor, but one explained as a combination of dozens of relevant issues and innovations. Food supply in 2030 will certainly be affected by climate change, but also by changes in energy infrastructure, use of technology for food production, genetically modified crops, and societal changes. Looking at a complex issue on its own won’t reveal a true image of what is to come.

With a degree in Molecular Biology and experience with microbial genetics, Kit brings a fresh and interesting view to the table. He studies a wide variety of fields, and will gladly customize his talks to your needs.


  • Feeding the Future: Keeping up with a rapidly growing population with cultured food and GMO’s in a climate-changed world
  • Brighter days ahead: Switching from fossil fuels to greener solutions, and moving to new paradigms for power generation
  • Transhumanity and AI: What makes a person?
  • SCUBA Disney: How to survive climate change



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